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About Us


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About Chris

Chris is a native of Baton Rouge, LA and an active professional fighter. He's accumulated 40+ fights and trained with renowned fighters such as Arturo Gatti, Vernon Forrest, and Ricardo Mayorga. Boxing literally saved his life and gave him a career path that would allow him to provide for himself and raise a family.

As owner of Sweet Science VB and Classy Chris Gray Promotions, he continues to be involved in and outside the ring to empower the fighters. Chris continues to guide men and women of all ages to realize their goals and dreams. You may not dream of becoming a boxer, perhaps you desire a healthier, more fit lifestyle. Chris takes the time to understand each person's reason for walking into the gym and devotes his time and effort to ensure you get the most out of every single visit.

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Our Gym

Sweet Science VB opened its doors in 2008. Located in downtown Vero Beach, our family owned boxing gym has been a pillar in the community and a place where people of all different backgrounds and ethnicities are welcomed.

Classes and personal training sessions are offered for kids, young adults, adults, and seniors. We incorporate cardio, HIIT, and boxing specific strength + conditioning into our workouts to give our members a completely unique workout experience.


about Lucina

Lucina is a Vero Beach native and graduated from Florida State University with a degree in elementary education. In 2008 she left teaching to work alongside Chris at the gym while raising their two sons Elijah & Malachi. Lucina is a NASM-CPT and certified boxing coach.

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