In 2008, Chris & Lucina decided Vero Beach had the same needs as any other community and that mission was to not only become a training grounds for all levels of boxing, but it was more, so much more.

As they began to think about building the environment for the interior, they both knew it was also the about so much beyond just the inside.  Chris & Lucina make it a point to ensure the local community knows they are there and have help many young and old achieve their goals.  The gym isn't just a gym, it's a place for all to feel welcomed and encouraged to keep a focus on something good, especially as society has so many windows to the bad.

Let the People's Gym be the new window for you to look through and then crash right through.  Be stronger, healthier and more focused on what will BEST serve your body and soul.  

Chris & Lucina pride themselves on being there for every kid that seeks a better life, even if that kid is 80 years old and beyond.